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China’s fastest-growing online industry segment in the first half [of 2017] was food delivery, as startups backed by Tencent Holdings Ltd. and Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. touted discounts and marshaled armies of people to get restaurant meals to the homes of almost 300 million.

The population of people who rang up meals from phones and computers surged 41.6 percent to 295 million over the first six months, the government’s online industry overseers said in a biennial internet snapshot Friday. That’s well in excess of other markets, including the 7.7 percent user growth in digital payments and 23.7 percent rise in ride-hailing, both more mature sectors.

There were 751 million internet users in mainland China as of June, almost 20 million more than at the end of 2016, according to the report.

295 million people in China ordered online food delivery the first half of 2017. Out of 751 million internet users. This is insane.

China’s Hottest Internet Sector Is Old-Fashioned Food Delivery