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Minimalistic Potato

Potatoes gonna potate

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Made with love for Ludum Dare 26. Grab the latest builds here.


The Story

Minimalistic Potato tells the heartbreaking story of Spudnik, a potato who couldn't. I like to think of Minimalistic Potato as a reflection on the ephemerality of the human condition. Interpret it how you wish though. Potatoes gonna potate.



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Continous Integration


Potatoes gonna potate. Help me make Spudnik potate harder than the rest.

Potatoes Gonna Potate

The project is set up with Maven, which will make getting started super easy. Just clone the repository to get started!

git clone


Run the -Pdesktop package goal to compile and package the game for desktops.

mvn -Pdesktop package

It will create a file called minimalistic-potato-1.0-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar in the desktop/target folder. It contains all of the necessary dependencies, the assets, and a manifest file specifying the main class. You can run this file via:

java -jar minimalistic-potato-1.0-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar


To create an unsigned APK for Android run the -Pandroid package goal.

mvn -Pandroid package

This will create a file called minimalistic-potato-android-1.0-SNAPSHOT.apk in the android/target folder. To install the APK to a connected device or emulator, run the -Pandroid install goal.

mvn -Pandroid install


To compile the project to HTML5, run the -Phtml package goal.

mvn -Phtml package

The end result is located in the html/target folder. You can either use the .war file that was generated and deploy that to Jetty/Tomcat, or copy the contents of the html/target/minimalistic-potato-html-1.0-SNAPSHOT folder to a location on a web server. After you have the files on the web server, copy the generated assets folder (in root of project) to the folder you copied onto the web server. Watch out, if you just try to open MinimalisticPotato.html with a web browser on your computer, you're going to get a Javascript error (at least on Chrome).