Zach Latta -> The right to self-determination

Running thoughts

The balance of creating enough structure, while preserving individual freedoms, and giving all as much opportunity to self-determination as possible.

Success of society starts with prosperity. Country standing in world largely directly correlates with economic prowness.

Moral hazard when too much self-determination bad sides without consequences, ex public drug usage. The full cost is not realized, like use of fossil fuels or meat. Moral hazard applies to both individual and to society for letting the circumstance happen, both don't internalize appropriate consequences.

"Individual freedoms" sound like ability to make lifestyle choices. self-determination is more inclusive of ability for one to own governance, make changes locally, self-organize in forms of corporations / nonprofits, determine one's own destiny. Public society as analogous to a web framework like Ruby on Rails - gives you guardrails, makes it so you don't have to figure out everything from scratch on your own, let's you and everyone else make basic assumptions on how things work

We have an antiquated view of what it means to prioritize economic property. We look at it through lens


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