Zach Latta -> Oceans 22 Assorted Notes

"I'm still trying to find my song"

How can we make moral imperatives not feel generic?

What are some examples of great collaboration when there wasn't great economic benefit or eminent risk to life?

Computational science and modeling as a diplomacy tool.

When we disagree with other countries, is it because our modeling today is not good enough? Or is it a comms problem?

Naive: We actually do benefit from diplomacy around issues like the ocean and protecting shared resources. Maybe the problem is:

  1. Agreeing on the end state if we don't collaborate
  2. Agree on steps for all parties to take and agree these steps will actually work. Enforcement - have real, impartial, technology-enabled means to enforce compliance (ex. satellite images to see illegal fishing)
  3. Justice - Impartial body to enforce real consequences of noncompliance. What does real consequences look like in a body like CCAMLAR?
  4. Celebrate wins

Are nation states the right fundamental unit in the 21st century?

The internet does not decentralize use of force (military), and perhaps nation states will stay the fundamental unit of society as a result.

GDP of Earth is 100 trillion. Cost to pull out 100 PPM of CO2 from atmosphere is between 300-500 trillion.

Ocean acidification has increased 30%.

How do we make working on these problems as young technologists more interesting? (especially problems of coordination)

California as model of marine protected zones (MPAs). There is good enforcement. First time -> big fine. Second time -> you go to jail.

Right now there are about 55,000 ships in the ocean across the world.

MARPOL treaty as example of success.

Ship greylist / blacklist as example of successful enforcement mechanism.

Lawyers ran the end of the 1900s.

What does it mean for rules to be legally binding across countries?

High Seas Treaty - Most important treaty being negotiated right now. It's been in negotiation for over 10 years. What does this negotiation actually look like?

"We just need to set aside sections of the ocean that we don't touch. The ocean doesn't need us to manage it We need to manage ourselves".

China and Russia are blocking MPAs on military and commercial objectives.

Antarctic Treaty - Inspiring document setting aside entire continent for science and preservation.

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