Zach Latta -> Sprig Pitch

Sprig 🍃, an open-source game console & engine, by teenagers, for teenagers.

Sprig is meant to be the best way to get started with game development for new coders. To build it, we had to create a custom game engine in JavaScript, design and print a custom PCB, write an entire JerryScript-based runtime from scratch in C, code a software rasterizer, and more. With everything being 100% open source, including the hardware (and the finances!).

A lot of the code for Sprig is written by teenage hackers. The engine, editor, and hardware are entirely open source on GitHub:

100+ games have already been built in Sprig by beginner coders. This is a zombie game[0] and one teenager even built a 3D raycasted game[1] in it. People submit games via PRs on the repo and they're added to the gallery at Consoles are free for teenagers when they ship a game.

Sprig frontpaged Hacker News yesterday and was the top "Show HN":

In addition to sharing through the Changelog News, I want to pitch a podcast with the main maker / engineer, Leo McElroy, and one of the key teenage engineers, Cedric Hutchings, on the technical making of Sprig. I think it could be a very interesting story about the making of open source hardware (which only recently became easy / possible because of PCB manufacturing advancements). You can read some of Cedric's experience on Sprig here:

If you have any questions, or if I can share any other background, please let me know. My email is Hack Club is a 501(c)(3) open source nonprofit that serves teenage hackers.

0: 1:

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